S140 GSM 自動撥號器產品圖
S140 GSM 自動撥號器

S140 GSM 自動撥號器

代碼: 06-015

Liquid Nitrogen Sprayer 品牌:CRYO DIFFUSION 產地:法國 型號:CRYOSKIN2

代碼: F04-001

Liquid Nitrogen Fountain Deliza 產地:法國 品牌:CryoDiffusion 型號:DELIZA

代碼: F05-001

Sterilisator 產地:瑞士 品牌:Simon Keller 型號:steri25 / steri250 / steri350

代碼: J01-001

Stomacher 產地:英國 品牌:Seward 型號:80 microbiomaster / 80 biomaster / 400 circulator / 3500 jumbo / 3500 biowasher / 3500 thermo bioreactor

代碼: K01-001
TMS-Pro 食品物性儀 產品圖
TMS-Pro 食品物性儀

TMS-Pro 食品物性儀

代碼: 14-001
TMS-Touch 觸控式食品物性儀產品圖
TMS-Touch 觸控式食品物性儀

TMS-Touch 觸控式食品物性儀

代碼: 14-002

Coloromat 產地:德國 品牌:SCHMID+HAENSCH 型號:Coloromat 100 / Saccharofiex 2020

代碼: O02-001
Bioshaker BR-180LF/BR-180LF-70RT產品圖
Bioshaker BR-180LF/BR-180LF-70RT

Features •Max. speed 400r/min. •Split doors enable easy to take large vessels. •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 24 pcs, 5L x 4 pcs

代碼: ATITEC-10

E01-002 Constant temperature incubator shaker---small size 產地 日本 品牌 TAITEC

代碼: E01-002

E01-003 Constant temperature incubator shaker---Medium size 產地 日本 品牌 TAITEC

代碼: E01-003
M.BR  series產品圖
M.BR series

Features •Optimum for using 96-well plate and stirring for microtube [Model 03] •Optimum for stirring of Microtube and/or Centrifuge tube [Model 10] •Temperature control below R.T. by peltier cooling [P Type]

代碼: TAITEC-02
Bioshaker BR-21/22/23 Series產品圖
Bioshaker BR-21/22/23 Series

Features •"9 models" can be selected by temp. range, shaking motion and door (right or left-opening) •Stackable up to Two levels. The platform can be changed. •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 4 pcs, 2L x 1 pc

代碼: TAITEC-03

Features •Peltier cooling with CFC-free. Battery friendly. •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 8 pcs, 5L x 1 pc •Stackable to two levels. Wide variation platforms available as an option.

代碼: TAITEC-04
Bioshaker BR-40/41/42/43 Series產品圖
Bioshaker BR-40/41/42/43 Series

Features •"8 models" can be selected by temp. range and shaking motion. •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 6 pcs, 5L x 1 pc •Stackable up to Two levels. Platform can be changed.

代碼: TAITEC-05
Bioshaker G.BR-200/G.BR-300產品圖
Bioshaker G.BR-200/G.BR-300

Features •Max. speed 200r/min (GBR-200) and 300r/min (GBR-300) •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 24 pcs, 5L x 4 pcs •For as a laboratory bench. Stackable up to Two stage

代碼: TAITEC-11
Bioshaker BR-3000LF Single platform /BR-3000LF Double platform產品圖
Bioshaker BR-3000LF Single platform /BR-3000LF Double platform

Features •Single platform and Double platform •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 32 pcs (Single),64 pcs (Double) •Shaking width adjustable in stepless between10mm and 50mm.

代碼: TAITEC-12
Bioshaker BR-300LF/BR-300LF LED irradiation產品圖
Bioshaker BR-300LF/BR-300LF LED irradiation

Features •"Two models" with/without LED irradiation •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 15 pcs, 5L x 3 pcs •Shaking width adjustable in stepless between 10mm to 50mm.

代碼: TAITEC-26
Bioshaker Double platform BR-300LF產品圖
Bioshaker Double platform BR-300LF

Features •Wide temperature range for 4℃ to 70℃ •Capacity : Erlenmeyer flask 500mL x 30 pcs, 1Lx18 pcs •Shaking width adjustable in stepless between10mm and 50mm.

代碼: TATIEC-07
Prescyto MG-71C/71M產品圖
Prescyto MG-71C/71M

•Hypoxic culture of Stem cells and Tumor cells (71M) •Cultivation of Obligatory anaerobe (71M) •Cultivation of Adherent cells of such as mammals

代碼: TAITEC-2-01
Reciprocal shaker NR-10產品圖
Reciprocal shaker NR-10

Features •Reciprocal shaking of Test tubes and Shake flasks[NR-10] •Orbital shaking of mainly Erlenmeyer flasks [NR-20] •Reciprocal/Orbital shaking [NR-30], Reciprocal/Orbital and Figure 8 [NR-80]

代碼: ATITEC-26

Features •Vertical shaking and Horizontal shaking [SR-2 DS] •Dedicated for Vertical shaking. The capacity doubles SR-2DS[ SR-2DW] •The start time of shaking and the intermittent shaking can be set by the timer.

代碼: ATITEC-30
Wave-PR/SI/SI slim產品圖
Wave-PR/SI/SI slim

Features •Mild shaking (Wave-shaped shaking)[PR] •Seesaw shaking [SI/SI slim] •Enable to use even inside refrigerators with 4 ℃ [All models]

代碼: TAITAEC-21
Elution testing shaker TS-20產品圖
Elution testing shaker TS-20

Features •Capacity: 6pcs for 5L/14pcs for 2L (See below) •Dedicate for Polyethylene jars. Capacity and Max. load double those of TS-10

代碼: TAITCE-34